Intenso Coffee Beans

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Powerful, thick body
Strong, toasted taste. Very creamy. Suggested for espresso, macchiato, cappuccino. Blend of coffees from South-East Asia that reveal subtle fruity and toasty nuances, the typical taste of Napoletan coffee.

Premium, Rich Coffee

For many coffee connoisseurs, the intense flavour and aroma of a premium blend is the only way to go when it comes to a cup of coffee. With top-quality beans, the name speaks for itself; our Intenso arabica coffee contains more caffeine, flavour, and aromas along with a mild acidity. The beans are infused with natural, subtle hints of tropical fruits and toasty undertones. Together, this delivers a fantastic aftertaste and just enough sweetness to balance out the depth without leaving any bitterness on the palette. 

Smooth, Velvety and Rich

These intense beans are ideal for brewing the perfect espresso, macchiato, or cappuccino to wake you up and help kickstart your day. While sipping, you can expect a strong but smooth taste with a creamy, velvety body, similar to that of an authentic Neapolitan coffee.

Sourced From Brazil and Columbia

South American coffees are recognized around the world for incorporating some of the tastiest varieties of beans, distinguished by their rich soil and exotic nuances. Our coffee beans are sourced from farmers in Brazil and Columbia, which are among the most distinguished coffee regions. This not only results in higher-quality beans that are left to fully ripen as nature intended, but it also supports farmers and enables them to continue to practice these sustainable methods.

Fresh and Roasted to Perfection

When we receive the beans, we roast them to perfection. We achieve this by using a state-of-the-art roasting system that recycles hot air in our facility. These meticulous methods bring out even more of the natural flavours from the beans. As a result, they produce intense and decadent aromas that can stimulate your senses before you even brew. Once the roasting is complete, they’re packaged right away. This ensures the beans preserve all of their freshness and will be filled with flavour once our customers open it.

If you love an intense, rich brew, indulge with our premium Intenso coffee beans. They’re infused with the refined roasting process that Italian-style coffee is renowned for. This gives coffee lovers the best combination that’s guaranteed to deliver a balanced consistency that’s packed full of flavour. For help with your order, feel free to contact us at ORO Caffè today!