At Oro Caffé, we are experienced roasters and blenders of coffee. We take pride in the product we sell, because we are dedicated to a high level of quality that we know customers come to expect when brewing a delicious cup from our brand. We also sell our superior beans to businesses big and small. By offering our unique blends through your company, you will also be carrying our quality, and our passion. As a wholesaler, we provide the finest blends created from Italian-style roasting traditions, which will deliver unmistakable espresso flavours to your guests, customers, and consumers in every cup. Buying bulk beans is the most popular model for sourcing coffee in the world, why not get started with your wholesale order today?


Bulk Coffee Services

Whether coffee is a big part of your business or just a small element, we believe every cup should be prime quality. Our espresso beans can be found in more than 2,000 bars across Italy, and countless establishments throughout Europe. We are a trusted authority when it comes to coffee as it relates to our wholesale business, and we are happy to work with clients from various industries and sizes to serve your unique needs.


Cafes and Restaurants

Coffee is often the first drink served in the morning, and the last one enjoyed after a meal in the evening. Thanks to nuanced enhancements to our roasting process, we are able to create ten different blends of beans to suit the unique drinking desires of your customers. Our blends can create a variety of espresso drinks for your menu, allowing your customers to experience an Italian bar close to home. Let the quality of coffee you serve reflect the food and atmosphere you seek to create.


Grocery and Retail

We believe that exceptional espresso shouldn’t just be available prepared and served over the counter. By giving your customers access to our full bag blends to take home and try themselves, they can create their own experiences with our coffee. Give them variety by allowing them to choose from our ten different blends, trying each one out until they find their favourite. By carrying ORO Caffe, you are showing your customers you appreciate quality, and you want them to experience the best there is to offer.



Improve the reputation of office coffee with our high quality blends. A fresh cup can provide employees a refreshed and focused outlook, and they will appreciate the difference ORO Caffe makes in their day. Make going to fill up a mug in the morning an delightful moment, or an afternoon pick-me-up that can mean results. Create an atmosphere where staff will appreciate the break room and feel positive and restored when heading to their desks.



More than a courtesy to your guests, coffee is a necessity when it comes to your business. Take an everyday ritual and turn it into an enjoyable experience with a superior cup of ORO. Guests will experience the difference through their taste buds and recognize the commitment to luxury you offer beyond cleanliness, your impressive attention to detail. Whether you are a B&B or destination hotel, guests will take note of the quality you serve.


Wholesale Coffee FAQ

What is a coffee wholesaler?

A wholesaler supplies bulk coffee beans to a network of bars and restaurants. They usually supply high-end equipment, such as coffee machines and grinders, to the businesses they sell to. At ORO Caffé, we not only sell bulk coffee beans and coffee equipment, we also provide maintenance training for our machines. 

How much does wholesale coffee cost?

Costs can differ greatly depending on the wholesaler you are working with. For an accurate estimate of the cost of ORO Caffé bulk coffee beans, please fill out a contact form with your specific requirements and we would be happy to help give you a quote. 


Getting Started

We’re so happy you are considering starting a wholesale account with us. We have grown exponentially since our humble beginnings more than 35 years ago, and can’t wait to meet the needs of your unique business. Our beans are high quality, and those who drink our products will notice they are enjoying a superior cup.

In addition to our wholesale coffee service, we also carry espresso equipment to ensure you can execute the high standards of quality our beans demand. If you are looking to expand the hot drink options at your organization, we also offer barista lessons to train your staff on how to make iconic Italian coffee drinks sure to delight and please your customers. Consider using our merchandise such as logo-branded cappuccino and espresso cups, dairy pitchers, personalized sugar sachets, and even truffled almonds to accompany your bulk coffee beans. We also have nine types of teas so your customers can experience ORO in more than one way. We are here to help your company improve its options, and look forward to supporting you in that endeavour.

Whether you are beginning to buy wholesale coffee beans, or are switching to our products, we have an experienced team ready to help fully understand and work with your business on their first order, and all orders to come. Let us assist you when it comes to deciding on the best blends for your establishment and the amount you will need to stock and have shipped whenever you need. If you have questions or want to know more information, please fill out the contact form below, and we will respond promptly. We can’t wait to see how our Italian espresso beans can enhance your business!