Here at Oro Caffé, we take great pride in the coffee we sell. From the research to the roasting to the blending, every single step is all done with our stern dedication to quality. No matter their origin, we only select beans that have received the very best ratings in the industry. With precision and passion-infused into every aspect of our process, we’ve created our own quality path to ensure that we deliver the unmistakable Italian espresso flavour in every cup.


We choose our beans from the most renowned regions around the world, including Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Thailand. These countries have the best conditions for growing and cultivating green Arabica beans, recognized for their sweet aromas. But like all authentic Italian espresso, we produce rich and balanced blends that combine both Arabica and Robusta, which are mainly produced in Vietnam and India. Together, these magical beans create the rich, bold, and velvety taste that is meant to be experienced with every sip of good quality espresso.

To maintain the full flavour and aromas of the beans, they are harvested by hand and undergo a thorough and strict inspection process. This also includes operating with our new hi-tech bean selection machine that automatically chooses the best beans to be roasted by shape and colour. Additionally, tastings are continuously performed to ensure the taste profile is just right with each and every batch. This is how we guarantee consistency and quality in every cup.


When it comes to creating delicious espresso, roasting plays a big role in the final outcome. We roast our beans according to the classic Italian roasting rules. The duration and heat alter the flavour of the beans, which is why it is a meticulous practise that needs to be done with experience and precision. Each of our coffee bean species is roasted individually, slowly, and to perfection, both inside and out.


Finally, the blending process is what brings it all together to balance out the sweetness, boldness and aromas that give life to your espresso cup. And in the world of coffee, blending is seen as more of an art form because it requires the delicate skill of knowing how to merge and balance the unique characteristics of both Arabica and Robusta beans together in just the right way. We have refined our blends to produce the premium taste and quality that we’ve built our reputation on.

At ORO Caffé, we have been committed to quality espresso since we first began. If you want to taste the difference of premium coffee, order from us today!