It was 1987 when Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti, thanks to a series of incidental circumstances, took over a very small roasting and tasting facility in the province of Udine selling to a private clientele only. While Stefano starts the activity with a small 30 kg coffee roasting machine, thanks to the teachings of a great master roaster,

Alceo, also taking care of the commercial side, Chiara carries out the administrative tasks and puts her tasting skills to the test, personally selecting the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta coffee from all over the world. This leads to the business entering the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Today, ORO Caffè can boast a headcount of 50 employees and a production capacity of 6,000 kg of roasted coffee a day with the current 240 kg roaster.

By carefully selecting, roasting and blending, Stefano and Chiara have created a harmonious style, renowned for its perfect balance. Over the years, the original recipe has been continuously enhanced, resulting in a blend of great elegance and finesse, without neglecting a constant high-quality standard.

Stefano and Chiara’s daughters, Elisa and Ketty, who have been direct witnesses of the evolution of ORO CAFFÈ over the last 30 years,completed their studies and are now an active part of the family business, with Elisa as Marketing Manager and Ketty as Operative Director. ORO CAFFÈ uses technologically advanced fully automated roasting systems with a green profile in an avant-garde facility of over 2,400 square meters that was inaugurated in 2009. The facility is equipped with a photovoltaic system producing almost 100 kW of extra energy per day, which is ploughed back into the network.ORO Caffè operates in the Ho.Re.Ca trade channel supplying a wide range of coffee blends and single-origin coffee beans, accessories and customized services throughout the Italian market.


In addition to the range of Espresso blends and single-origin coffees for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, which represents the company’s core business, ORO Caffè includes a vast selection for both home and office: Coffee machines, selections of ground coffee and coffee beans, complementary and courtesy products, merchandising,

capsule machines with ORO coffee, and capsules – both ORO Caffè and capsules that are compatible with the main coffee systems on the market – which fully meet the quality standards we strive to achieve to satisfy our customers.

All ORO Caffè products are also available on the company’s new e-commerce site https://shoporocaffe.com.


In 2014 ORO CAFFE’ decided to open up a Canadian Branch in Toronto.

Our branch serve the USA and Canada markets, our offices are located in Woodbridge where we also have our warehouse and front shop open to the public.

This Canadian brach is coordinated by Ketty Toppano, second generation of the Toppano’s family (owner of the ORO CAFFE’ company), and managed by Tony La Civita and his son Roberto.


MISSION: Since 1987 we have been selecting, roasting and blending only the finest coffee beans in the world. Our pursuit to achieve a consistent quality is our strength, but quality alone is not enough without the same commitment in passing on the techniques to enhance the characteristics of selected coffee blends to our baristas, because only if preparation is mastered to a fine art, can the best be brought out in a coffee.

VISION: To spread the coffee knowledge, to create a knowledgeable consumer who recognizes and appreciates all the qualities of a great Espresso. Our quest is to be able to contribute decisively to promoting the Espresso coffee culture all over the world.