Doi Chaang Beyond Fair Trade Coffee

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Tasty & spicy fair trade coffee
The Doi Chaang Coffee is a coffee from the Arabica family and comes from the rugged mountains of Thailand, where it grows wild in the forest and is part of the Beyond Fair Trade project. In the espresso cup Doi Chaang Coffee has a nice compact cream texture with a very fine golden brown color. At olfaction a fresh aroma with hints of fruit stands out. Pack of 1000 g b.

Our delicious Doi Chaang Beyond Fair Trade Coffee is shipped directly from Doi Chaang organic farms then freshly roasted and packaged right here in our state-of-the-art facility. This velvety coffee produces a subtle fruit fragrance and a rich, creamy texture that is perfect for drinking at any time of day.

World Famous Fair Trade Coffee

The remote Thai village of Doi Chaang is recognized around the world for its high-quality coffee, and we wanted to make sure our customers had access to this decadent blend.

Planted in rich, fertile soil and shaded by a dense canopy of fruit and nut trees, these beans are grown just as nature had intended. No chemicals or pesticides are ever added to the soil. Instead, the perfect climate combined with sustainable and old-world cultivation practices are used here to produce the complex flavourful profile. Each bean is then handpicked, freshwater processed and sun-dried before being sent from the village.

Highest Quality Arabica

Arabica beans were first brought to the Northern Thai hills in the 1980s as part of the Thai Royal Project. It was designed to incentivize investment into coffee growing to provide a sustainable alternative to opium growing. A massive coffee boom swept across the country, and Thailand was quickly put on the map for producing high-quality coffee with the Doi Chaang production being regarded as the best. Today, you can easily get access to some of the world’s most revered coffee right here in our store.

Beyond Fair Trade Coffee

Each bag of Doi Chaang coffee also promotes fair trade and sustainable practices, creating a better way of life for the Akha people in the region. The Beyond Fair Trade program is a social enterprise that ensures the farmers receive fair ownership rights of their business. It is a mark given to coffee products that meet certain criteria of environmental and economical standards as well. Purchasing our coffee ensures that all the people of the Doi Chaang Village benefit from their hard work by receiving a fair wage, safe working conditions, and a say in how their business is run. The Beyond Fair Trade mission is dedicated to transforming the lives of the people, protecting them from instability, and ensuring the environment in which they live is properly protected for generations to come.

Order your fair trade coffee beans online today and experience the difference in fresh, organic, high-quality beans.


Produced and packaged in italy by: oro caffe’ srl, via perugia 6, 33010 tavagnacco (ud)

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Roasted coffee bean mixture

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1 kg

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Store the product in a cool and dry place