Espresso Coffee Beans

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Full, Thick Body Espresso Coffee
Espresso Bar Blend is a blend of the finest and best espresso coffee beans from Brazil, Vietnam and India. In the espresso cup, the mixture appears as a warm brown colour and intense, with some tiger striping and a very consistent cream. The olfactory scent is soft with aromas of bread crust and chocolate. The palate is very creamy, mellow and intense but ends pleasantly sweet with a chocolate aftertaste. The Caffeine content is less than 1.7%. Perfect to enjoy in the morning and after meals, exciting for its creaminess. Pack of 1000 g b.

The Best Espresso Coffee Beans in Canada

Making espresso is like creating art. It’s the purest form of caffeine, which is why the quality of the beans really matters. It’s our favourite morning tradition or afternoon pick me up that helps fuel us each and every day. Though extremely versatile, espresso is a pure delight to sip on its own. However, even with the best coffee machine, it won’t taste as good without the best quality espresso beans. At ORO Caffè, you can enjoy the distinct boldness and balance of Italian style espresso, roasted to perfection with our renowned Espresso Bar Blend.

What makes ORO Caffè’s Espresso Bar Blend the best espresso coffee beans in Canada?

Handpicked Espresso Beans from Around the World

We choose our espresso beans from the most renowned green coffee farmers around the world, spanning Brazil, Vietnam and India. Each bean is handpicked using traditional methods which allow the beans to grow naturally under the shade to full ripeness.

Roasted to Perfection

Since different types of coffee beans require different methods and levels of heat for roasting, we roast ours individually using a slow and complete cycle. After both the Arabica and Robusta beans have been separately roasted for about 18 minutes according to our specific processes, they are blended together until we strike the perfect balance.

The Art of Blending

Blending the beans is also an artistic process. When done right, the combination of body, sweetness and rich aromas is produced, giving life to every shot of espresso. Once the beans are selected and roasted, we carefully blend both the Arabica and Robusta to create a perfectly smooth, bold and balanced cup. Once they’re blended, we carefully test each batch to double-check the quality and taste. Our strict procedures ensure we provide the consistent, premium quality beans that we are renowned for.


Unmistakable Espresso Flavour

Here at ORO Caffè, we pay attention to the details, which is why we’re proud to offer the best espresso coffee beans in Canada. Our commitment to quality ensures that we provide our customers with the most aromatic coffee that delivers rich and unmistakable flavour profiles with every sip.

Order yours today and taste the difference in premium Italian-style espresso.

Produced and packaged in italy by: oro caffe’ srl, via perugia 6, 33010 tavagnacco (ud)

Denomination of the product
Roasted coffee bean mixture

Net weight
1 kg

Special storage conditions
Store the product in a cool and dry place