What We Do

Launched in 1987 in the north-eastern region of Italy, Oro Caffè has since grown from a small roasting and tasting facility to an industry present in over 40 countries in the world that produces 6,000 kg of roasted coffee per day. With a drive to deliver the best coffee beans and blends from around the world, we take pride in our sourcing and roasting processes that contribute to the distinctive quality and delicious flavour profiles found in each of our products.

What We Do

Oro Caffè is a premium vendor of whole bean coffee. We establish one-on-one relationships with the growers in regions of the best arabica of the world to deliver the highest quality beans. Then we use an advanced, automated roasting system to produce the world’s best brew. We roast both our Arabica and Robusta beans separately to ensure their flavours and aromas are fully highlighted. 

What We Sell

We have a vast collection of whole coffee bean options and exclusive espresso blends for our customers to explore. From our full-bodied Italian style to our fruitier blends sourced from the renowned Doi Chaang beans, you’ll find a carefully curated selection from the best farms around the world. We also offer an array of ground coffee and capsule options that are compatible with standard Nespresso machines. You can find curated coffee gear and machines as well to ensure you always have the perfect cup.

Our Commitment to Sustainable, Fair Trade Coffee

At Oro Caffè, we make sustainable choices during our operations to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible while supporting local farming communities worldwide. Each cup of Oro Caffè coffee comes from beans grown in rich, fertile soils that are sustainably harvested and then roasted in our facility in an environmentally friendly way. We are also the first Italian-based company to join the Beyond Fair-Trade initiative. Our team is fully committed to ensuring that the coffee beans we purchase are sourced from farmers who receive fair wages and safe working conditions. 

Our Team

Oro Caffè is a family-owned and operated business. Each family member has helped grow the company to what it is today. Coffee specialists and owners Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti, along with master roaster Alceo, have spent decades carefully selecting, roasting and blending the world’s best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to create rich, perfectly balanced flavours that coffee connoisseurs love. Daughters Elisa and Ketty have helped build the brand and scale the business into a worldwide success. Together, with our passion and dedication, Oro Caffè has quickly grown into one of the most respected coffee roasting companies across Europe and North America.

Canadian Branch

In 2014, Oro Caffè broke into the North American market by launching its first Canadian branch in Toronto. Today, all Canadian operations are run out of Woodbridge, Ontario, to deliver world-class Italian coffee blends to both the Canada and US markets. Operations are coordinated by Ketty Toppano and managed by Tony and Roby La Civita. 

Visit us today to explore our onsite coffee shop open daily to the public.