Welcome to our Espresso roasting facility

OROCaffe has been in the business of roasting coffee since 1987. We are coffee suppliers and are proud to supply various bars and restaurants with our premium coffee beans. While we have been in the business of roasting for a long time, we have only recently opened our coffee shops to welcome coffee lovers in Italy. What started out as a little family operation in a small coffee roasting centre of no more than 60 square meters, has quickly grown to become a well-known name in the coffee business. Today, our sophisticated blends are made in our state-of-the-art espresso roasting facility in Italy. To get a sneak peek at how our espresso is perfectly roasted and blended before shipment, here’s an inside look at our production facility that produces some of the best espressos in the world.


State-of-the-Art Facility

Our espresso roasting facility employs the most technologically advanced equipment and electronic software in the world. Our system is fully automated to provide greater control over the process and to ensure that each type of bean is brewed to the exact standards of its roasting profile. This guarantees that you’ll always receive nothing but the perfect cup of espresso each time you brew our beans or grounds.


Advanced Roasting Machinery

To make espresso at our roasting facility, we use only the highest quality coffee beans available from around the world. We then use advanced roasting equipment in our sophisticated laboratory to produce superior espresso. Our hot air electronic system uses controlled roasting processes that modify the heat and airflow, depending on the type of coffee being roasted. This ensures uniform roasting throughout and exploits the heat produced at the maximum to create a more intense aroma. Plus, our espresso beans are roasted for a longer amount of time than beans used for drip coffee to produce the powerful and delicious notes that our espresso is renowned for.


An Exact Process

Our blending process is an exact art that has been passed down between generations since 1987. To create the world’s best blends, we sample, test and develop specific profiles for each. And to achieve the perfect balance of body, sweetness and aroma, we only blend after roasting. This ensures that the different types of beans do not react differently to the heat and instead, create a homogeneous effect.


Tested and Packed For Freshness

Our espresso is then tested for quality assurance before being packed to ensure the freshness of our product. We make sure that each batch meets the exact quality of standards to produce the finest quality espresso available to be shipped whole beans blends or single origin coffees or capsules.


Sustainable Practices

We make every effort to ensure that our roasting practice is ethical and fully sustainable. We not only participate in the Beyond Fair Trade® program, but we also use energy-efficient practices. Our roasting system re-uses the hot air after the first roasting cycle instead of letting it escape during the process. This allows us to save up to 60% more energy while producing aroma-rich beans. We also save a considerable amount of methane and greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating the post-combustion process that is typically used in traditional roasting machines.


A Stunning Presentation Centre

Our roasting facility also features a presentation centre that showcases stunning hardwood flooring and bright coloured furniture to accent what OROCaffe stands for – excellence, especially in the details. Each part of our espresso-making process is done with care and artisan precision. Never at any point do we sacrifice quality.


Are you ready to discover what world-class espresso really tastes like? We ship to over 30 countries in North America, South East Asia, and the Middle East. We welcome you to try our latest blends by shopping in our online store and learning more about our business operations online.