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Make Your Next Cup of Coffee One to Remember.

At ORO Caffè, we believe in quality espresso coffee without compromise. We start the day with our coffee as a quiet moment to ourselves, a chance to recollect ourselves and find our peace. It serves as a focal point for conversation and making new memories, whether in a café with friends or with dessert at family dinners. A rich, well-blended cup can also help us find much-needed mindfulness and stress release during busy days at work. Students and adults can vouch for the many situations that coffee got them through, and we can relate!

All in all, quality coffee is a big part of Canadian culture. Discover new experiences with ORO Caffè coffee beans and pods, refreshing spring water, superior-quality accessories, and much more.

Coffee, not Compromises

With ORO Caffè, we’re excited to introduce cultured refreshment in the form of our rich, flavourful and soothing blends. Our goal is to increase the worth of Italy’s espresso on a global scale – along with its culture. Therefore, from bean to cup, quality is essential to our team.

Our blends undergo rigorous research, testing and quality assurance before they pass through our doors to Canadian customers. Every lot is tasted to ensure that it doesn’t merely meet established standards but also exceeds them. Blends vary in composition, but we always choose coffees that have achieved the highest appraisals. Paired with our thorough, meticulously monitored roasting process, every unique blend is maximized to its potential with just the right time and temperature needed.

The result? Coffee that smells and tastes superior to other roasted blends. We’re proud to do things differently at ORO Caffè.

A Refreshed Take on Refreshment Quality

At ORO Caffè, we aim to make your next cup the best one yet and to do so, we require the right equipment to deliver the right results. It’s why we’re proud to offer a range of stunning accessories and products including Fiori cappuccino cups, milk pitchers, espresso cups, brilliant glassware, still and sparkling spring water, and much more. We also offer state-of-the-art grinders and machinery hand-selected by our coffee experts. Our blends are available in Nespresso and INO-compatible capsules, and we also offer whole-bean blends so you can enjoy your cup of coffee in whatever format you prefer.

Order Coffee Online

If you’re looking to buy coffee in Canada that surpasses your expectations, shop at ORO Caffè. Our team makes it easy to order coffee online. We’re excited to set a new standard in coffee enjoyment with over 30 years of experience. We look forward to introducing you to a luxurious, quality-focused experience that doesn’t compromise on what you love most about your morning cup!