IC305 Black Coffee Maker Machine

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To enjoy every day at home or office espresso coffee GOLD in bars.
IC 305 is the new range of coffee machines for coffee capsules GOLD, entirely designed and engineered in Italy. Works with GOLD Coffee capsules and is available in 2 different models:

  • IC 305: Semi-automatic (ON / OFF). On / off switch with green indicator light to indicate when the machine is ready.
  • IC 305 D: automatic with two functions (espresso and long coffee). Electronic card with temperature monitoring and dose via flow meter. Display 3 DGT to report alarms, schedule doses DC, change the temperature in B0 C and display the total dose delivered.

Dimensions: L 18 x W 37.5 x H 30 cm
Power 220-240V 50-60Hz – Power 1100-1300 W.
Aluminum thermoblock 1150 W, with a coating to reduce heat dispersion, equipped with a stainless steel coil through which the water is not altered.
EP4 pump 230V 50Hz. Safety fuse 157 B0 C.
Length of the power cable 1.5 m. Weight 5 kg.
ON / OFF switch. 1.5 liter tank. Capsule container for 15 used parts.
The machine is designed to use the cup for espresso. By removing the pan rests cups you can use a cup 12 cm high.