Ethics and environment


Since 2014 we have been buying Doi Chaang coffee directly from where it originates, cultivated by the ancient AKHA tribe in one of the poorest areas of Thailand.

This social enterprise ensures the AKHA tribe farmers receive their fair share of ownership rights for the coffee they cultivate and produce. The coffee is purchased directly from the farmers, and the proceeds from each sale get reinvested back to the tribe so that they can continue to flourish and practise sustainable methods. This ensures the longevity of the environment in which they live.

We are proud to support sustainable practices and offer organic coffee products that support our core values. Each bag of organic coffee comes from rich, fertile soils grown just as nature intended – without chemicals or pesticides. Each bean is hand-picked, washed before being sent to our facilities to be freshly roasted with special care here in Italy. The result is sweet, intense, richly flavoured coffee with a delicate hint of almond, and a touch of love.


At OROCaffe, we believe that we all have a responsibility to protect the environment, and we want to set a positive example for other businesses to follow suit. That’s why we practice sustainable roasting methods so that each cup that you drink is even more environmentally friendly. Roasting coffee typically uses a lot of energy. But in our facilities, we use traditional hot-air roasters to gently heat the coffee beans before the hot air is recycled again and again. This saves up to 60% of energy, helping us cut down on our energy use drastically. We pride ourselves in being able to state that our fine dust emissions are 0.9 mg/m3 where the European limit is 10 mg/m3, making our roasters one of the most green machines in Italy.

Our system doesn’t include a post-combustion process either to treat the smoke like other roasters do. This doesn’t affect the quality of the bean but instead helps us cut back on our carbon dioxide emissions which are among the lowest in the industry.

Our sustainable way of roasting coffee creates a delicious, palpable taste, and aroma. With each sip, we bring you the world’s best coffee, sourced from dedicated farming practices and roasted with care.

Browse our selection to taste the difference in sustainable, premium Italian coffee. If you’d like to learn more about the Beyond Fair Trade Initiative and ORO Caffe’s sustainable roasting practices, contact our head office, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.